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Daycare Centre Hallerstraße

The children are admitted from the age of 11 months and usually leave the day care centre for the transition to school or pre-school. On the ground floor there are 2 crèche groups with up to 12 children each. Our elementary group with an integrated pre-school programme is located on the upper floor.

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Hallerstraße 58 20146  Hamburg
Opening hours
Daycare Centre Hallerstraße
General Monday to Friday
07:30 to 17:30 h

Early and late service ...


The children are received and cared for together in the early and late service, after which they divide up into their home groups. The shared care times have the advantage, among other things, that the children get to know all the caregivers from the beginning, can build up a familiarity and the change of group is usually very easy for them. It goes without saying that the acclimation of new children and also the change to a new group is prepared and accompanied with great care and calm.

It is important to us that the children have enough time to play and largely shape their own daily routine. Time creates spaces for development in which the children can increasingly perceive and understand their lives and their world. We support the child's ability to play by consciously allowing them to endure boredom from time to time and not immediately offering them something to do. Boredom often gives rise to very creative and advanced play situations.



Always on the move ...


The daycare center has a large outdoor area, so that even in typical Hamburg weather, the garden invites children to play, move, try things out and "get dirty". In addition, the upper floor offers a movement room and the lower floor the possibility to build a movement construction site. These possibilities are used by all groups.



Side by side


In addition to language and exploring the world, the area of creative and visual design is another important form of self-expression and engagement with the world. Through artistic creation, children process feelings and experiences, reflect on them (usually unconsciously), express interests and topics that are important to them and communicate them to the outside world, and also practice fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We support the children in all these developmental levels and processes. An inviting creative atmosphere is very important to us, which is why we have set up a studio area in one of our group rooms. A variety of different materials are available there, inviting the children to be creative in many different ways. The studio area is freely accessible to the children throughout the day.



Life is music ...


Music in various facets is an important concern for us. As a rule, we sing daily in all groups, combining musicality with language development, even for the very youngest children. They sing songs in the morning circle to learn the days of the week, first numbers or seasonal songs. In addition, a music teacher provides early musical education in all groups once a week, using various musical instruments.



Well prepared for school ...


Support in the Kita-Brückenjahr is also an important concern for us. A colleague from the elementary area is in charge of this work. Examples of topics in the bridge year include:

  • Our city
  • This is me, what do I look like? Conversation about distinctions
  • I and you and our environment
  • Specific themes that are adapted to the seasons of the year
  • Our body, e.g. the five senses
  • Children's rights
  • Prevention lessons and traffic education in cooperation with the police

At the beginning of the bridge year, there is a joint coordination of the topics and the introduction to the learning diary, which is continuously worked on in each unit. The project topics are accompanied by excursions and explorations:

  • Fire department information center in Hamburg, training on fire safety education
  • Tour of our neighborhood with a police officer, traffic education
  • Visit to the Sedanstrasse police station, "When am I allowed to call the police?"
  • Port visit on the topic "Our city
  • Garbage collection "How to separate and dispose of garbage", participation in the project: "Hamburg räumt auf" (Hamburg cleans up)
    and much more.



Support association (Förderverein)


You would like to become active as a parent yourself? With the support of the "Verein der Freunde & Förderer des Studierendenwerks Hamburg e.V." (Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Hamburg Student Union), you can make a significant contribution to optimizing childcare at your daycare center. You can find more information here 



Overview daycare centres

You can get an overview of all daycare centers in our daycare centre flyer and in more detail in our brochure "Unsere Kitas".

We are looking forward to your child!

Registration and consultation is handled by the daycare centre management. Appointments for a visit can be made with the kindergarten management by phone.

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We are happy to help you

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