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We´re open again: Schlüters (Pizza and More), Cafeteria Studierendenhaus, Cafeteria Harburg, Café Student Affairs, Café Finkenau, Café CFEL, Café-Shop Geomatikum, PizzaBar Harburg, Café BLS now open for guests and delicious to-go in Café-Shop Blueberry, CampusCafé, Foodtruck, Café insgrüne Botanischer Garten and Café am Mittelweg. All other refectories are currently closed.

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Current information on the Corona Bridging Aid, FAQ's and other useful information in the Corona crisis

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We’ll answer your questions relating to housing and residence.

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The admission application for our student residences is available here.

Halls of residence

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Hall of residence Gustav-Radbruch-Haus
Borgfelder Straße 16
20537 Hamburg
Telephone: +49 / 40 / 25 60 31
Directions/Transport link:
Berliner Tor subway/tram station

Residential facility

The Gustav-Radbruch-Haus student residence has a very central location near the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences at the Berliner Tor, and is approx. 5 minutes from the subway and tram station.

There are a total of 512 places available in residential groups for between 2 and 8 persons. The rooms are 10-15 sq m (several short-term rental rooms 8 sq m) in size, and are furnished. Some 2-bedroom apartments are leased out, with preference given to couples and solo parents.

Depending on their size, the apartments have one or two plumbing units, and a fully equipped kitchen. All rooms have an Internet, telephone and cable TV connection. Parking bays for cars and motorbikes in the underground car park or outside can be rented out through the property manager. Bike parking bays are also available, as are coin-operated washing machines.

The property has a tearoom and a bar, which is run by the residents themselves. There is also a room for various internal activities. The student council runs a number of different groups, e.g. salsa dance classes, improv theatre, self-defence, work-out, carpentry workshops and bike workshops. A music rehearsal room with piano, a gym, and a study room are also available.


Monthly rent between € 255,- and € 341,- incl. flat additional costs (effective as of October 1st, 2019). Monthly rent for a long-term place in the tower building is € 285,- incl. flat additional costs. 

The rent includes additional costs, such as heating, water, electricity etc., as well as costs for Internet access and the cable TV connection.

Short-term rental rooms in the front building with a higher price and additional services are offered to students needing a room for less than six months. These are allocated by the Zentrale Kurzzeitvermietung.



Christian Melüh

property manager

Telephone: +49 / 40 / 25 60 31


Office hours

Mon - Thu 9.00 am - 11.00 am and 2.00 pm - 3.00 pm

Fri 9.00 am - 11.00 am

For queries regarding waiting times or an existing lease, contact


Jessica Pehlke

administrative officer

Grindelallee 9

20146 Hamburg

Telephone: +49 / 40 / 41 902 - 267


Send requests for short-term rents (e.g. for internships) to

Zentrale Kurzzeitvermietung


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    Online Application

    Are you interested in a room in one of our halls of residence? We offer you the chance to apply for a room online.

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