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We’ll answer your questions relating to housing and residence.

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The admission application for our student residences is available here.

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Pleasant, affordable housing!

It’s not that easy to find a suitable, affordable room in Hamburg right at the start of the semester, so we recommend you start looking before obtaining your permit.

We offer German and international students housing with affordable all-inclusive rent prices at our 25 residence halls, which can cater to more than 4.350 people.

There are many different residential options, ranging from rooms in shared accommodation, to studio and 1-bedroom apartments. Residents share a kitchen, recreation room and bathroom facilities.

We would be glad to answer your questions relating to housing and residence at our Counselling Centre Accommodation.

Last-minute room for first-year students at the beginning of the winter semester 2018/2019

For students who have not found a room at the beginning of the semester, the Studierendenwerk Hamburg will provide overnight accommodation (only a few days) from 1st September till the 30th November 2018 in the student residence Gustav-Radbruch-Haus.


A single room costs € 15 per night (sheets or sleeping bag, as well as towels are not included).

A certificate of enrollment from the university, an identity card / passport and a deposit of € 100 in cash are required. In case of high demand, the rental period has a maximum of 8 days.


The last-minute rooms are allocated by the local property manager during his office hours:

Borgfelder Straße 16 - 20537 Hamburg

Telephone: 040/25 60 31

Office hours: Mon – Fri 9am – 11am, Mo – Thu 2pm – 3pm


Currently the Harburg hall of residence is under renovation. For the 01th of April 2019 the re-entry is planned. You can apply immediately. 


Since the 15th of November 2018, the Grandweg hall of residence will be renovated. Therefore, no rental contracts are currently being awarded in the Grandweg hall of residence.


You are welcome to apply for a room in one of our other residences – We have higher demand at the moment, so we recommend applying to all our residences. This will increase your chances of getting a placement.


If you have any questions regarding the list of applicants, please feel free to contact the halls of residence consultancy centre. 

Seeking protectors for our residence halls

We’re looking for protectors for our halls of residence Amalie-Dietrich-Haus, Grindelallee, Hammerbrook, Helmut-Schmidt-Studierendenhaus, Kiwittsmoor and Rahlstedt. Protectors promote communal living at the residences, assist with events and contacts, advise students on personal matters and chair the property committee.

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    Studierendenwerk Hamburg's halls of residence

    You can find out here where the halls of residence are located in Hamburg and how far you have to travel to your university.