Hamburg Corona Emergency Loan
for students

With the Interim financial aid funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Resarch (BMBF) the Hamburg Corona Emergency Loan will be discontinued.

If the interim financial aid was not available and you have received the repayable Hamburg Corona Emergency Loan once or more , you will find the information relevant to you on the repayment date and the installment agreement made for the Corona Emergency Loan (in each iteration) in the document Offer (B) to Conclude Hamburg Corona Emergency Loan for Students that you signed in 2020. Please remember to set up a standing order in time and transfer the monthly installments to the following bank account:

Studierendenwerk Hamburg
Account number 1238125007 at the Hamburger Sparkasse
IBAN: DE97 2005 0550 1238 1250 07
Reason for payment: (Please indicate for each payment your matriculation number and the personal account you received with the approval by email, "91XXXX")

You can find the guidelines from 2020 for your information here:

If you are unable to repay the Corona Emergency Loan - Initial Loan from April 2020 (first installment due in May 2021) or Initial Application May 2020 (first installment due in June 2021) or initial application June 2020 (first installment due in July 2021) you may submit a Deferral Offer form. Here you will find instructions for applying for deferral of Hamburger Corona Emergency Loan, which you should be sure to read before filling out and submitting the form below.

Here you can find the form for the deferral offer

Please fill in, sign and send the deferral offer form to this email address coronanotfalldarlehen@studierendenwerk-hamburg.de.

If you have any questions regarding the repayment or deferral of the Corona Emergency Loan, please contact us (with your telephone number) by email at team-notfalldarlehen@studierendenwerk-hamburg.de.