Application information for single student mothers
Living space in a child friendly environment

The Studierendenwerk Hamburg offers child- and family-friendly flats for female students with children - some of which are financially supported. We have compiled application information and information about the apartments for you here.

Residential complex Bornstraße
for female students with child/ren

A home for you and your child/children with a great community - that's what the residental complex Bornstraße offers you! This housing complex is specially designed for female students with children - single parents or students living in a partnership with one or more children can move in.

You can furnish the unfurnished flats according to your taste and needs. The kitchens and bathrooms are shared by a maximum of 3 tenants, some flats also have their own shower bathrooms. You can study undisturbed in the bright study room. The residential complex is close to the Bornstraße day-care centre, which is located directly in the building. Two other daycare centres run by the Studierendenwerk are just as close by: the KinderCampus daycare centre and the Hallerstraße daycare centre. 

What you can't put a price on is the sense of community in Bornstraße.

The Bornstraße housing complex is very centrally located; you are only a short walk from various universities, the city centre, parks and the Alster. Supermarkets, bakeries and kiosks are just a few minutes away.


In the residential complex in Bornstraße, a 56sqm 2-room flat with stucco, high walls and beautiful floorboards is available.

If you are interested, simply contact our Counselling Centre Accommodation.

Financially supported flats for single student mothers in a child-friendly environment
Sponsored by "Stiftung zur Förderung von Studentinnen in Hamburg"

Studying successfully while starting a family and raising a child is a special challenge in many respects - but also an opportunity.

In this situation, single mothers often face great problems in financing their living costs and finding a reasonably priced flat in an environment suitable for children. This is where we want to help together with the Stiftung zur Förderung von Studentinnen in Hamburg (Foundation for the Promotion of Female Students in Hamburg). Our residential offers provide low-priced rents and are located in a child-friendly environment for living with your own offspring. In addition, there is a network of other students who can support and help each other.

Since the winter semester 2018, individual 2-person flats in our residential complexes that are suitable for female students with children have been additionally subsidised by the Foundation and rented out at a lower price for student mothers. If the application is successful, the female students can save monthly rental costs of € 100.

This is made possible by the Stiftung zur Förderung von Studentinnen in Hamburg, which we thank very much for this! The foundation has been supporting female students in Hamburg since 1957 and was itself the operator of female student residences for many years. Now that the accommodation managed by the Foundation has been discontinued, it is making funds available to the Studierendenwerk to continue to support female students in Hamburg in this way.

Only individual places are subsidised, which are advertised here for applications.

General accommodation offers
for single student mothers - financially supported

In the House of residence Kiwittsmoor, 2-person apartments with their own bathroom and kitchen will be available for single female students from October 1, 2021. The monthly flat rent for the 2-person apartment is € 305 (compared to the regular rent of € 405)! The rent subsidy is granted for an initial period of one year, but an extension of the subsidy can be applied for before the end of this year.

Located in the green Langenhorn, the housing complex offers a family and playroom as well as a garden, so that the little ones can let off steam in both good and bad weather. There are also several nature reserves and a natural swimming pool in the surrounding area. At the same time, the Kiwittsmoor subway station is in the immediate vicinity, which guarantees a quick connection to the city center. 


In the House of residence Gustav-Radbruch-Haus (Vorderhaus) is a 2-person apartment with private bathroom and kitchen for single female students available from October 1, 2021. The monthly flat rent for the 2-person apartment is 430 € (compared to the regular rent of 530 €)! The rent subsidy is granted for an initial period of one year, but an extension of the subsidy can be applied for before the end of this year.
Other student parents already live in the very centrally located Gustav-Radbruch-Haus, there is also a playground in the immediate vicinity and the student self-administration offers numerous activities. The residential complex in the immediate vicinity of the HAW is only about 5 minutes away from the U- and S-Bahn station Berliner Tor.

The current application deadline is 08.09.2021

Application info
How to get a place

Who can apply? 
Female students with child(ren) who are enrolled at a university for which the Studierendenwerk is responsible* can apply using the following documents:

  • Fully completed and signed application form  | Download (PDF)
  • Current certificate of enrolment

* University of Hamburg, Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, HafenCity University, Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg University of Fine Arts, Hamburg University of Music and Theatre, Bucerius Law School


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