We know each other - is the credo of the smallest daycare centre of the Studierendenwerk Hamburg with about 38 children
Daycare Centre KinderCampus

The 38 children are cared for in two core groups: a crèche group with 14 places and an elementary group with 24 places, into which the children move at the latest at the age of three. We appreciate the familiar and intimate atmosphere of our house: the children quickly become familiar with all staff members, and supportive contacts or friendships can easily develop between the parents as well. In addition, children from different nations and cultures live and learn together here, so that a rich treasure of cultural diversity enriches our everyday life

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Schlüterstraße 7 20146  Hamburg
Opening hours
Daycare Centre KinderCampus
General opening hours Monday to Friday
07:30 to 16:00 h
From 4 p.m. we offer a late service in the rooms of our daycare center, which can be booked separately if required.

Plenty of space to play

Childcare at the KinderCampus day care centre takes place in a ground-level building directly on the university campus. We have our own outdoor area, which is not visible from the outside and which we can use all day. Daily and extensive exercise in the fresh air is a great and important concern for all children. In the house, we have open and brightly designed rooms for the respective groups. In addition, we have a movement room and regularly use a well-equipped workshop in an adjacent building to work creatively with the children using various materials



The older children also have a weekly excursion day to get to know the surroundings outside the day care centre. The excursion takes place all year round, regardless of the weather.


A day in our day care centre

An important approach in our pedagogical work is the participation of children. In concrete terms, this means actively involving them in the shaping of everyday life. After breakfast, a morning circle takes place every day. There, the children discuss their wishes and can bring in concerns and needs. Projects are also developed together with the children. The children are asked which toys they would like to take with them and which excursion they suggest. Suggestions are collected and voted on together. Children and/or educational professionals moderate these meetings.



Movement is very important for daycare children, which is why our movement room is always accessible to the children. The children can also play freely in the outdoor area. The garden can be easily overlooked by the educational staff through the large window front, and up to 4 preschool children can play there on our protected property even without direct observation.


Learning self-determination

The children are also involved in the diapering situations and nursing activities, the children are asked by whom they would like to be diapered. The regular refreshing of common rules and structures reinforces the feeling of community and strengthens each child's personality. Here, too, the children have the opportunity to question, redesign or establish rules and structures. The children thus experience from the very beginning that their concerns are heard and that it is worthwhile to stand up for oneself.


Weekend care

In addition, our weekend care and the Casper offer also take place here, so that the acclimatisation for the children from this day care centre with our flexible care offers is often very uncomplicated.


Support association

Would you like to become active as a parent yourself? With the support of the "Verein der Freunde & Förderer des Studierendenwerks Hamburg e.V."  you can make a significant contribution to optimising childcare at your daycare centre. You can find more information here.


Overview daycare centres

You can get an overview of all daycare centers in our daycare centre flyer and in more detail in our brochure "Unsere Kitas".



We are looking forward to your child!

Consultations are held every 1st Wednesday of the month at 3:00 pm and by appointment.

Your way to the daycare center

Your way to the daycare center

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We are happy to help you

We are happy to help you

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Daycare centre management

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