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Daycare Centre Bornstraße

The spacious rooms of the day care centre are spread over two levels. Approximately 74 children are cared for there in crèche and elementary groups. The building is located in a one-way street with little traffic and is very close to the grounds of the University of Hamburg. In our day care centre, we attach great importance to ensuring that all educational programmes have space and room.

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Bornstraße 2 20146  Hamburg
Opening hours
Daycare Centre Bornstraße
General Monday to Friday
07:30 to 17:30 h

Experiential spaces


The elementary children have the opportunity to choose an activity and are accompanied and encouraged by the educational staff.

Our themed experiential spaces are:

  • atelier
  • movement room
  • library
  • role play room with theatre stage
  • construction room
  • kitchen
  • bathing area for perceptual activities
  • rest rooms

The crèche children primarily use their own movement rooms as well as the bathing area with appealing offers for all senses, but also the other rooms if necessary. A clearly structured weekly schedule provides orientation for all those involved (children, parents, teaching staff).

As a day care centre, we work in a way that complements the family. We complement the educational work of the family, which requires a continuous and trusting educational partnership with the parents in order to realise the goals described.



Language development


Another focus in our daily work is language development and support. Language permeates all areas of our lives and learning. We use it to express our emotions and needs. Language development takes place in our daily kindergarten routine. It begins in the morning in our morning circle and continues throughout the day in the form of various activities and conversations between children and adults. Here you can see a selection of the different methods and activities that we use to promote the language development of our children:

  • free storytelling in the morning circle
  • Reading books aloud and looking at picture books together
  • role-playing
  • theatre performances
  • visits to the library
  • children's conferences
  • targeted language support for children growing up bilingually
  • English as an additional offer
  • vocabulary box

We use projects as opportunities to explore questions and answers from different non-fiction books and to understand them linguistically. In free play, theatre performances and role plays, the children learn to deal with language in a playful way. They can expand and consolidate their vocabulary through repetition. We offer targeted language support to children whose family language is not German. The children learn to familiarise themselves with the German language in such a way that they can use it to express their feelings, their thoughts and their point of view. If teachers, interns or other children come from the same country as one of the children, it goes without saying that they will also talk to each other in this language.

The child-oriented learning of the English language is an additional offer in our day care centre, which is, however, bound to a minimum number of participants. Ideally, the English group is led by a native speaker.



Creative and artistic designing


In addition to language and exploring the world, the field of creative and artistic design is another important form of self-expression and engagement with the world. Through artistic creation, children process feelings and experiences, reflect on them (mostly unconsciously), express interests and topics that are important to them and communicate them to the outside world, and also practise fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. We support the children in all these developmental levels and processes. An inviting creative atmosphere is very important to us, which is why we have set up a studio area in one of our group rooms. A variety of different materials are available there, inviting the children to be creative in many different ways. The studio area is freely accessible to the children all day.



Musical field


Music has a permanent place in our day care centre. We sing and play music regularly during the day and on various occasions. In addition, an external music teacher comes to our house every week to offer early music education with the children in small, age-homogeneous groups.



Pre-school work in our daycare centre


There is also a special offer for the "big ones" in the Daycare centre Bornstrasse within the framework of the Kita Brückenjahr. Twice a week, the 5-6 year old children meet with a teacher to work together on special topics such as family, my body, feelings, nutrition, first contact with numbers and letters, etc. The children also have the opportunity to learn how to read and write. A special group experience for our preschool children is the joint daycare trip.



Support association (Förderverein)


You would like to become active as a parent yourself? With the support of the "Verein der Freunde & Förderer des Studierendenwerks Hamburg e.V." (Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Hamburg Student Union), you can make a significant contribution to optimizing childcare at your daycare center. You can find more information here.



Overview daycare centres

You can get an overview of all daycare centers in our daycare centre flyer and in more detail in our brochure "Unsere Kitas".

We look forward to welcoming your child!

Consultations take place every 1st Tuesday of the month at 16:00 or by appointment.

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Your way to the daycare centre

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We are happy to help you

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